[note color=”#d9e1e8″] Small businesses often over look their need for marketing.  If you have customers, you have contacts that need to be managed, you have a brand and identity that needs to be sculpted, and you have a gap to manage between buyers and your products or services.


Branding and Identity

Need a branding or identity facelift? We can redesign your logo and give your marketing department an updated appearance.

  • Logos
  • A consistent identity
  • Revising / Updating marketing materials

Social Marketing and other Marketing

Need to integrate your website into the social marketing arena? Here’s what we can do to help you connect:

  • Integrate facebook, blog, twitter, etc, into your website
  • Set up RSS feeding into your blog
  • Integrating visitor comment and feedback system
  • Pay-Per Click Advertising
  • Survey creation

Tradeshow Events

Tradeshows are important networking events. However, they require a lot time and resources to setup and prepare for. We can help design your booth space, media, signage, and posters as well as print these materials professionally.


We design your signage to whichever size needed and outsource professional printing to any media needed including canvas, vinyl, black/white, color, etc.

Contact Management and E-Marketing

  • Set up email system (one-time fee through your hosting provider, monthly-fee based, purchase program).
  • Organize/Import Contacts
  • Create templates for your email campaign
  • Add subscription signup form on your website

Market Research

While we do not conduct market research studies, we can gather market and report our findings about your question.

  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Compile market research for product, statistics, and data.

Promotional Items

  • Promotional Products
  • Displays