Get Above Your Competition

Posted May 17th, 2011 by mightyn0 with No Comments

There are a number of ways to make sure your found online and thus capable of capturing new leads.

Get a website!

  • Not everyone necessarily needs a website, but most do, especially if you are a service oriented company.  Most everyone understands that just about everyone is finding businesses via the web, mobile platform, or an app.  Its a growing field and while the Yellow Pages may not go away completely, it should not be your only source for generating new clients.
    • Not just any website will do.  I can’t speak for other companies, but here with Mighty Marketing, I take a number of steps to make sure your searchable through the web (the technical term is Search Engine Optimization).  This means we create your site to entail proper coding and have good meta tags in place such as keywords and descriptions.
  • If you don’t feel like you need an entire website to make your online presence, then consider a few options.  Likely you have a business card, but perhaps not an entire booklet dedicated to who you are and what you do?  Then maybe what you need is an online business card, called an eCard Site.  Its basically a single paged site that give people an idea of what you do, a small gallery, and how to contact you.  See my site as an example.


Establish an online presence.

  • Website or not, you’ll want to make sure your found via Google and ensure you have some good reviews about you.  There are other service companies that maybe beneficial to getting more exposure through like
  • You may benefit from social marketing either with Facebook, Twitter, or specialized blogging networks pertaining to your field.
  • Pay-per-click advertising through search engines like Google.  Everyone who has been online has seen them, they are the sponsored ads on searches or web pages throughout the internet.  Pay-per-click advertising becomes highly effective when searching a specific phrase
  • Pay-per-click campaign advertising through Facebook.  Although this might start sounding repetitive, Facebook takes a little different spin on advertising than Google does.  Facebook will actually take data from a user’s profile and pin point very specific information such as gender, location, status (married, engaged) and make sure your ad only hits your target market you’ve specified.   For example, if you are a Photographer and you want to target only newly married or moms to be in the Katy, TX region.  You can create a pay-per-click campaign to target only this segment of people.  The great thing about pay-per-click campaigns are the ability to hit a target market, establish a budget, and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and possibly how much awareness if created.

Hope that doesn’t confuse you too much!  If you are curious about getting started on some of the above ideas, be sure to call or email us.



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